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PointRoll Speaker Profiles

Todd Pasternack: VP, Digital Innovation


Todd Pasternack is the VP of Digital Innovation at PointRoll, a leading multi-screen digital advertising solutions provider. He is responsible for exploring and playing with emerging technologies before they're needed for multi-screen advertising campaigns. Todd helps manage relationships with key clients and technology partners like Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, and Apple, while also consulting internally and externally on innovative ways to use technology to execute on a creative vision. Before becoming incredibly passionate about digital advertising, Todd toured across North America for eight years singing and playing guitar in rock bands and performing on multiple records, including several for Rykodisc/Palm Pictures. Follow Todd on Twitter (@toddpasternack) or shoot him an e-mail at

Areas of Expertise:

Mobile Development, Digital Marketing with Video, HTML5, Flash, Creative Technology


Quick, Name Your Favorite Banner Ad From The Last Month, Business Insider, July 23, 2012, Author  

Forget Homepage Takeovers -- We're Readying For A Home Takeover, MediaPost, December 28, 2011, Author

No Flash? No Problem., ZDNet, November 18,2011, Author

How HTML5 is changing the face of mobile, Mobile Marketer, March 9,2011, Co-author

Mobile Advertising with Flash Player 10.1 – Some Thoughts and Findings,,  October 20, 2010, Author

Creating engaging online rich media ads using Flash and Flex, Adobe Developer Connection, February 4, 2010, Author

Ongoing contributor to PointRoll Blog

Recent Speaking Engagements:

October 2012 - Future M, Panel Speaker, "The New Generation of Rich Media"

October 2012 - iMedia Breakthrough, Spotlight Presenter

May 2012 - iMedia Agency, Spotlight Presenter, "Why Creative and Media Need to Play Nice"

February 29, 2012 - DIGIDAYAgency, Moderator for Yahoo! Panel, "The Case For Creative"

 January 31, 2012 - iStrategy San Francisco, Presenter, "That That Ad: Engaging Mobile Campaigns That Get Consumers' Hands on Brands"

January 2012 - PointRoll Webinar, Presenter "Pushing Play On In-Stream: Getting the Most out of Your Video Advertising"

November 7, 2011 - IAB Ad Operations Summit, Panelist, "Launching Campaigns: Minimizing Challenges of Creative Spec Roadblocks"

September 2011- PointRoll Innovation Days- New York and Chicago, Host

September 14, 2011 - iStrategy Atlanta, Presenter, "That That Ad: Engaging Mobile Campaigns That Get Consumers' Hands on Brands"

July 21, 2011 - OMMA Metrics, Panelist, "Engaging the Mobile Experience: Effective Mobile Measurement Strategies" (View presentation here.)

July 18, 2011 - IAB Mobile Marketplace, Presenter, "That That Ad: Engaging Mobile Campaigns That Get Consumers' Hands on Brands"

June 2011 - PointRoll's Innovation Roadshow, Presenter

April 2011 - IAB Video Marketplace, Presenter "Video On Every Screen: Delivering The True Value Of Video"

Febuary 2011 - Online Marketing Summit, Panelist
"Let's Get Moving: Media in the Mobile Era"

October 2010 - Adobe MAX, Presenter & Panelist
"PointRoll in Your Pocket: The How and Why of Mobile Advertising with Flash Player 10.1"             
"Creating Interactive Rich Media Advertising Campaigns with Video"
"Move it! Shake it! All in Sync: 2010 Rich Media Ad Shootout"

July 2010 - IAB Mobile Marketplace, Presenter
"Digital Marketing in Motion: Make a Mobile Impression"

July 2010 - PointRoll Webinar, Presenter "Digital Marketing in Motion: Make a Mobile Impression" (Recorded session:

June 2010 - OMMA Video, Presenter
"Digital Marketing in Motion: Making an Impression with Video Now and in the Future"

May 2010 - Boston Interactive Marketing Association Event,  Panelist
"Everything You Need to Know about iPad Advertising"

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